It Just Got Real

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Iron Man 2 Poster… Nuff Said!


The Magic Kingdom

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Get ready to combine your childhood memories. Disney is purchasing Marvel comics, for $4 billion dollars. Disney has always appealed to young girls and know I guess it’s making a huge push for young men. I just hope we don’t see any Marvel team-ups that include Mickey Mouse and Thor. Although a Darkwing Duck and Wolverine team-up might be cool. OH! Gargoyles, Blade team-up, is anyone else getting excited…


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It is being reported that director Christopher Nolan has cast Megan Fox as Catwoman for the 3rd of his Batman films. If this is true, maybe todays the day we all by lottery tickets.


The First Avenger?

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jensen_ackles_1185288225Well America, this may be your Captain. Rumors have begun to fly that one Jensen Ackles , star of Supernatural and Smallville, is the front runner for the role of Steve Rogers in the upcoming film The First Avenger: Captain America. Can he pull it off? Is the rumor even true? Only time will tell…

Aged to Perfection

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800px-Marvel-character-compositFor the last 70 years Marvel Comics has been breathing life into the imaginations of children and adults across the world. What started as a few simple comic magazines has blossomed into a force of nature. Producing the finest in comics, tv and blockbuster movies. marvel-c1v-warNo matter who you are or where you’re from you know that when trouble starts Peter Parker will swing into action, that Wolverine will pop his claws and that in some way shape or form the Captain’s shield will fly. They are no longer just heroes; they are icons. So thanks for the last 70 years, I hope I’m around to see the next 70. Even if I’m not I’ll always Make Mine Marvel.

Are you sure?

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You probably instantly recognize the people in this photo, or do you? That’s John Favreau, Director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 but, the two people he’s with are look alikes. However if you are a geek like me your real attention is on those suits of armor in the background. Since he’s got so many, you think he’d give me one…?

Iron Man-ga

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2010 will see the release of two Marvel Anime- Iron Man and Wolverine I have opted to only post the Iron Man trailer. If you see the Wolverine one you may understand why. What they’ve created looks nothing like the Wolvie we all know and love, but this Iron Man, well it looks nothing short of glorious.