Red with Envy

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The first Iron Man brought us the adorable Pepper Potts. She was lovable and loyal but it seems she may be upstaged this second go round. The Black Widow is not adorable she’s lethal, curvaceous, and just smokin hot. Even her beautiful red locks outshine Peppers super light strawberry blonde hair. In fact for Iron Man 2 I think it’s just blonde. OUCH! Lose your man, Lose your screen time and now Lose your hair (color).  Fortunately all of Peppers losses add up to one big win for us. Scarlett’s scarlet locks and all of her other *cough* accessories.


Return of the King

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Philadelphia. Home of one of the silver screens greatest and most lovable fighters, no make that legends. Rocky Balboa. However two nights ago there would be no underdog victory. Instead a legend would be RE-born. After two lack luster fights, which he still won, Anderson Silva was ridiculed. Many saying he was not taking his profession seriously. His response? He left a weight class he dominated to compete against the big boys. Silva had to pack on 20lbs to fight in the UFC’s most popular and formidable weight class, the light heavy weight division. And he didn’t just win, he took apart his opponent, Forrest Griffin who is a proven fighter an the poster child for preparation and heart. Griffins heart and preparation couldn’t save him from the world’s best pound for pound fighter. Silva’s first round TKO turned boos to cheers as he proved why he is the most feared man in the UFC.

Man vs Machine

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Its a story as old as time itself. Well as old as the first machine built to replace what a human could do. I think.  Anywho, before the release of Transformers 2 it was a forgone conclusion it would be a blockbuster and that GI Joe would not. The Joes were experiencing turmoil their director was ridiculed and ultimately locked out of editing. While the autobots had nothing but gleeful anticipation surrounding them. In a business sense Rise of the fallen was a success – movie wise it was not. Yes there was some amazing cgi and fun fight scenes, but it just didn’t live up to the hype. At 12:01 am GI Joe was released and it doesn’t have any hype to live up to. In fact it has to win over the many doubting critics and fans. Can the men beat the machines this summer? I guess we’ll know soon and KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE. YO JOE!!

Wonder Fox?

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Sorry guys after much debate, the popular rumor that Megan Fox would play Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie was shot down by Warner Bros. execs today. Well it was fun while it lasted.


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There have been some new Guitar hero commercials featuring celebs doing a renactment from the Tom cruise film Risky Buisness. The first one featured Kobe, Tony Hawk, Micheal Phelps and A-Rod. The second one however featured one Ms. Heidi Klum. However the ad they’ve been running on tv is not the original version. That one is posted right here for you loyal readers.

Hotel RaWar Machine

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Cheadle in, Howard out.  Marvel studios has announced that Don Cheadle will be taking over the reins of Rhodey, army man and friend to Tony Stark, from Terrence Howard. 

In the comics we know that Rhodey eventually get his own Iron man suit and becomes War Machine.  Whether or not this will happen in Iron Man 2 we don’t know.  What we do know is that Cheadle will appear not only in the Iron Man series but in the blockbuster movie The Avengers as well.  No reason was given for the switch. 

However it seems to me that if marvel wants to truly capitalize on the Iron Man series and give War Machine his own movie, Cheadle will be a much larger box office draw.  Sorry Howard, it’s not personal, it’s business.


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I’ve heard somethings that have given me negative feelings toward the upcoming G.I. JOE movie. But this lays all my doubts to rest for now. MMMMMMMM….Snake Eyes!