There are two Transformers movies, but only one good one. The live action version is awesome. In fact if you’ve never seen it or only seen it once, stop reading and go see it now. It’s the perfect blend of action, comedy, and nostalgia. I strongly suggest seeing it. I also strongly suggest not rushing home after and watching Transformers the cartoon movie. It is not good! Now some of you may be saying “transformers the cartoon movie was cool, it was awesome.” And you’d be exactly right. It WAS cool it WAS awesome, just like muscle pants, leg warmers and Lionel Richie. I mean it starts off with a huge robot planet thingy, eating a planet full of pathetic robots we don’t care about. Robot cannibalism-weird. Then you’re assaulted by an 80’s hair-metal version of the theme song. Oh and i guess they took the term robots in disguise as literally as possible, seeing as how I didn’t recognize 85% of the robots in the movie. Oh and they kill Optimus Prime. OPTIMUS PRIME DIES….HE DIES. D…..I…..E….S! DIES!

You know what let’s all calm down, we’re getting a little emotional. Let’s take a deep breath. Everybody calm?…..Good.


Go see Transformers (the live action version). It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile. I honestly believe everyone will enjoy it. However if you are someone who feels that somehow the cartoon movie is the superior film, then you’re probably 100lbs. overweight, wear a fanny pack and are presently getting cheetos dust all over the keyboard. Looks like you got bigger issues to deal with.

Transformers 5 out of 5 stars.



I thought the movie was very good.  The plot was intriguing, the action was realistic (to a degree), I mean come on, it IS a movie.  If in movies, every time the hero got shot, he died, then we’d be spending $10 to watch five minute movies….Pretty fun….not at all.  I heard one reviewer say, “there’s lots of great action, but no dialogue.”  NO DIALOGUE?!? Are you kidding me?  Remember that time you got into a big fight?  Or someone was trying to kill you?  Remember all the dialogue you guys had?  NO!  When you’re fighting, you’re not talking, and if you are, you’re probably getting beat up.  This is an ACTION movie.  If you want Dialogue, you’re probably a girl…so read a book.

So overall The Bourne Ultimatum gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.




Two words: GREAT FOOD!  

Three words: STAY OPEN LATER!


I went to the Amish Market or Dutch Farmer’s market…whatever.  Why you ask?  Because they have delicious food.  But GOD FORBID you get there an hour before they close, AN HOUR, not a half an hour, not ten minutes, not five minutes, AN HOUR!  Because evidently they don’t make any more food.  Maybe it’s against their religion…I don’t really know.  But I got there, an hour before they close, stood in the long chicken line for 20 minutes, only to have one of the many bearded ladies yell out “THERE’S NO CHICKEN LEFT, PLEASE STEP OUT OF LINE.”  I got an idea….how about you get your ugly face back there and make some more chicken and I’ll stay in line.

You know what I think, maybe all the Amish women got to the make up store and hour before it closed and they stood in line for 20 minutes, only to have someone yell “HEY, UGLY GIRLS, WE’RE OUT OF MAKEUP, PLEASE STEP OUT OF LINE.”  Sheesh.  

So to summarize, the Amish Market, has delicious food, but please, please please please, more cooking….less ugly women.



Strike one- It’s Indian food

Strike two- It’s in D.C.

I hate driving in D.C. what a disaster. It’s like the most frustrating, worst maze of all time.

One way, Dead end, No right turn, No left turn, No turn between 7-9, No standing, No parking…you know what NO THANK YOU!

Plus, Indian food….really?

I’m not a big fan of Indian food- Native American or 7-11.

But having said that, Rasika has the most delicious food I’ve had in a long time Indian or otherwise. Everything was full of flavor and the resturant itself is beautiful on the inside. The staff was kind, helpful and attentive.

I highly recommend eating there, I certainly will go back……..if someone wants to drive me




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